2024 Digital Marketing Crash Course: Beginner-Friendly Guide to Growth

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2024 Digital Marketing Crash Course: Beginner-Friendly Guide to Growth

As time changed, the Form of marketing is also changed. Nowadays Digital marketing is playing a major role in new modern marketing. In this digital marketing Tutorial post, we will look at the various forms of digital marketing. Before going further let us understand, what is digital marketing first.

What is digital marketing?

To understand the term digital marketing more conveniently let’s split the term into ‘digital’ and ‘marketing’.

Digital – The word digital conveys the involvement of electronic devices like mobile phones and computers. Here ward digital is used to signify online selling and marketing. As we can see in current date millions of people purchase a variety of products related to festivals, weddings, personal usages and etc. through online shopping.

People using internet visit various websites related to sopping. They go through the products, select suitable products and order them. Nowadays people prefer online shopping more than offline shopping as its time saving and even coast efficient.

We do not have to visit different shops for buying different products, we can order a variety of products ideally seating home through digitalization. Due to digitalization sells of products on many general shops have severely fallen down. Shops of clothes, shoes, toys, electronic devices are affected. As people are preferring online shopping over purchasing from shops. So many businessman and shopkeeper are taking their business online for good sell and profit.

Marketing – It is an activity through which we promote some products or services. Marketing is various types like network marketing, offline marketing, online or digit marketing and etc.

In earlier times when there were no android mobile phone people used to spend there free time watching television, reading newspapers and magazines, and listing radio. If we notice all these plate forms were not only serving you information and entertainment but also at the same time they were serving you advertisements which used to promote a particular product or service.

This was marketing on a digital plate form like television and radio and so its called digital marketing. In the current scenario, people watch more you-tube than television, magazines are replaced by blogs and radio is replaced by music applications.

Moreover, we can say people are now more internet-oriented than earlier times. Marketing is more effective when it’s done at the right place and the right time that is marketing should be done on plate form with more number of appropriate audience traffic.

As people of every age, today use the internet for various activities. The Internet has gathered huge audience traffic and become an ideal place for marketing. Almost every one of us uses different types of social media websites like- Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, twitter, snap chat and etc.

This social media site has become a cream place for digital marketing, As through posting an advertisement on social media sites, it would be probably viewed by millions of audiences which is the only target of marketing.

Whenever a company introduces a new product in the market, It needs to inform more and more numbers of customers about it because until and unless customers will not get to know about it they are not going to purchase it. Like if your product is better then the other products running in the market but if a customer doesn’t know the potential of your product than its sell in not going to increase.

For competing in today’s market it’s very important to advertise our product to more and more customers to increase sales and one’s business. One when we go for offline advertising or offline marketing its coat is a huge amount of money.

In offline marketing, we go for posters and banners. There printing, transporting and installing coats a good amount of money. When we go for online marketing its comparatively cheaper means of marketing. As people spent most time surfing on the internet, Online marketing or digital marketing reach a number of customers in less time. Also, we can run our advertisement inappropriate audience through digital marketing.

Like if our product is machine oil than we can put our advertisement on a website promoting sales of various machine parts of vehicles. The customers who will be coming purchase machine parts will be definitely requiring machine oil. So in this way digital marketing is not only fast marketing and coat efficient but also with huge appropriate audience traffic. Many big and small businessman is considering the power of digital marketing in the count and is leading towards digital marketing.

Various ways to do digital marketing:

In this digital marketing tutorial guide, we are keeping the focus on 9 important ways to do digital marketing. These are:

  1. SEO(search engine optimization)
  2. Social media marketing
  3. E-mail marketing
  4. Affiliated marketing
  5. PPC(pay per click)
  6. Apps marketing
  7. SEM(search engine marketing)
  8. Mobile adds
  9. Video adds

Let us understand each way one by one. Start with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO)

It is an algorithm of Google according to which Google decides the queue in which search results should be displayed. As we know billions of people everyday search a countless number of things on search engines like Google and You-tube.

Many websites, videos, and contents are uploaded on the same issues and topics in such a scenario every website owner wants his site to be displayed on top of the search result to gain more audience traffic.

If website developers or video uploaders optimize their data according to SEO they might bring their website above in search results. This upliftment in a queue in search results may be done by adding good quality of metadata along with the casual data.

Metadata is the data that the reader can’t read but the search engine can.  For example like on search engines like You-tube the video uploader may use attractive thumbnails to attract the viewers, he can use hashtags similar to his content which search engine can read and can display your video in various searches which are related to hashtags you used.

Also, we can choose relevant subtitles for our video so that it may come above in search result when a user searches for the content that is related to our provided data.

In Google search engine to uplift your website you things which matters are- weather the website is domestic or not, types of URL used, number of linages used, number of linkage with other websites, keywords used, the title used, text n photo and etc.

Also, the SEO algorithm keeps on changing so to be top listed in search there needs a continuous upgrade in meta. Like we can upgrade metadata on our video by adding trending hashtags, This will show our video in trending search and the you-tuber can even gain views on an old uploaded video.

SEO has two types. One is Black hat SEO and the second is White Hat SEO.

Black hat SEO:

Many website developers and you-tubers use inappropriate hashtags and miss-leading title. They do so that their data can also be displayed in search irrelevant to there data. This is illegal and the search engine authority can take action against your uploaded data by deleting it permanently from the platform. Although this technique may give you good audience traffic on a small scale if you are not reported and not caught. But on a large scale, this technique is flop cause now the very smart search is done by a search engine.

White hat SEO: 

This is just the opposite of black hat SEO.  When developer or YouTuber uses appropriate hashtags and titles that is when appropriate metadata is used it comes under white hat SEO. This is the most widely used and ethical way to do SEO. In this digital marketing tutorial and our futures articles, we will focus only on white hat SEO only.

Social media:

Social media has become an important part of everyone’s life today. All the people use social media for exchanging media, chatting and internet surfing. Many times you might have seen adds coming on your social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. This adds are paid adds, a decided amount of money is paid for a particular time to display add. This is a very easy and popular method of digital marketing. Many companies use this method to advertise there products and services.

E-mail marketing:

All the people who use the internet have an e-mail ID. people use e-mail IDs for exchanging data. But many a time you might have received some marketing-related emails which marketing some products, services and there offers this is e-mail marketing.  This is another prominent way to do marketing. In this direct message is sent through e-mail on customers’ e-mail ID. This method is important for companies as they can direct message their customer the offers and product details. Also, they can get feedback from the customer through e-mail and can improve their product in accordance with customer feedback.

Affiliate marketing:

In this form of marketing the online shopping or online selling companies hire an intermediate between the company and the customer. This intermediate promotes the sale of the product of the company and gets a share of profit from the company on the sale of each product. If the intermediate makes sell than only he is paid otherwise not. This is a very pristine method for online selling companies because the intermediate works hard to sell the products to make his income which indirectly makes increases in companies sell. A single online selling company may hire many numbers of affiliated partners or intermediate.

Paid Per Click (PPC):

PPC is formats of displaying ads, In this, an amount is deposited by us in a campaign to display our Ad and on every click, on our displayed Ad a decided amount is deducted from the campaign. For example, if we want to display our websites Ad on Google we deposit an amount in Google’s campaign and whenever any internet surfer clicks our Ad a particular amount of money is deducted from the amount deposited in the campaign. On every click, a fixed amount of money is deducted. Your Ad is played till the amount deposited by you in Google’s campaign becomes zero.

Apps marketing:

Android mobile phone has become a basic requirement for everyone’s daily life. People from teenage to old age everyone has an android phone. Even there are more mobile phones than members of the family in many houses. As everyone uses android mobile phones, they use various applications on their phone which they download from the playstore. People use apps for shopping, money transfer and many more. Considering this much audience traffic on apps big websites owner create their apps which user can download from play store or apple store. Users can download and use these apps for the recommended purpose.  Once you downloaded the app of websites you don’t have to visit the website anymore you can perform all tasks on the corresponding app.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM):

This is a paid form of digital marketing. In this, we pay to search engines like Google, Youtube, Bing, and Yahoo to displays our ads on their platform. This also runs on PPC format. Various kinds of ads can be shown like- video Ads, GIF Ads, text Ads, and Sponsored Ads. Sponsored Ads are Ads in which our website is displayed on search engines like Google when related websites are searched. An example of SEM is Google Adwords.

Mobile Ads:

This a very new type of digital marketing method. In this, a Text SMS is sent to the customer mobile phone. The text message contains a product promoting content. If a mobile phone is android or ios direct video Ads can also be played on the customer’s mobile phone screen which is a very pristine way to do marketing. Many times you might have received such marketing Ads or SMS on your mobile phone.

Video Ads marketing:

Video Ads are mainly played on youtube. Whenever we play we any video on youtube, it shows a short Ad this is video ad marketing. This video Ad may be displayed before the video, in between the video or after the video depending on the client’s request. Also, the video Ad may be played for 5 seconds, 10 seconds or more depending on the amount paid by the client. 

Another basis on which digital marketing can be classified is:

  1. Paid Marketing or Paid Traffic Marketing – Under this method we pay for our Ads to be displayed on demanded platforms. Its examples are- social media marketing, pay per click (PPC) marketing, search engine marketing (SEM)and etc.
  2. Unpaid Marketing or Organic Traffic Marketing- In this method, we do not pay any amount of money to do marketing. Here instead of displaying Ads on various platforms, we follow SEO rules and regulations to uplift our website’s position in related search results of Google, we directly message customers our product details through e-mails or SMS. Examples- SEO, e-mail marketing, mobile marketing and etc.

In the next article, we will discuss paid traffic and organic traffic in detail.

Final Thoughts: Digital Marketing Tutorial

In this digital marketing tutorial guide, I have tried to share what is a digital marketing and the various forms to do digital marketing. If you are a beginner and wanted to build a career in the space of digital marketing, you need proper understanding of these various forms to do digital marketing.

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I hope this digital marketing tutorial guide gave you some ideas about digital marketing and various forms of digital marketing. We will discuss more all these forms in our future articles. Stay tuned. Please don’t forget to post your queries and feedbacks in the comment box. You can follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.