Turn Your Blog into Cash: Beginner's Guide to Making Money Blogging in 2024

Ready to monetize your passion? Our 2024 guide unlocks the secrets of making money blogging! Learn effective strategies for beginners - Start building your income stream today!

Turn Your Blog into Cash: Beginner's Guide to Making Money Blogging in 2024

Blogging is considered one of the best ways of making money online. There are so many ways in blogging as well that you can make money from. However, it can be a struggling path too, if you do not have the right knowledge, tools, and people around you.

Being successful at blogging doesn’t only need your knowledge, monetary investment, and dedication, but also a significant amount of time. On top of that researching for the ways to make money blogging can be a daunting task. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that you need guidance in addition to your knowledge. Hence, to help new bloggers, I wanted to share the best ways of making money blogging which I have learned in my blogging career.

Let me be honest, there is no “get rich quick” recipe. If you are here for that purpose the I am afraid you are at the wrong place. To use any of the methods mentioned in this article, you are required to have a live blog website.

I have already written an article on how to start a blog. If you haven’t already, do check it out. It will definitely help you to start your blogging journey in the right way. This article is completely for beginners who are planning or are in the initial stage of starting their blog.


Without wasting more time let’s find out what are the ways to make money blogging.

1. Advertisement

For beginners, running ads on their website can be a good source of income. There are different ways of running ads on your website. You can either sign up with an ad network like Google Adsense and Media.net, or you can run private ads on your website.

Ad Networks

Ad networks like Google Adsense, Media.net, Infolinks, AdPushup, etc. are widely used for making money with a blog website. You only need a blog and an account with one of these ad networks, they will show the ads to your visitors based on either your content type or visitors’ interest. In return for showing ads on your website, ad networks will pay you depending on CPC or CPM ads.

Now if you are wondering how an ad network will identify your visitors’ interests, don’t worry, they will handle it themselves. Actually, they already know what most of the internet users like or whatnot. A lot of technicalities go into that, so let’s leave that topic to some other day.

If your blog is new, you may not be able to earn enough with Ad Networks, but it may be able to pay your blog setup cost. Earnings will improve gradually depending on your traffic. The most popular ad networks are Google AdSense and Media.net. But you may want to check the complete list of best ad networks. All of them are offering some good returns.

Direct Ads

Ad networks act as middlemen between a blogger and an advertiser. If you want to remove the middlemen, then you can directly reach out to the potential advertisers. However, for this to work you need to take care of a few things yourself.

To get direct advertisements on your website you need to find the advertisers, reach out to them, and secure a deal with them. But first, you need to make sure that you are getting enough visitors. Because no advertiser will be ready to make a deal with you unless your website has a good amount of traffic. This task can be a little overwhelming, but trust me it pays way more than what ad networks will pay you.

Tips to make money through advertisements:

  • Choose the right size for the ad.
  • Keep ads separate with blocks or colour formatting.
  • Avoid creating groups of ads.
  • Don’t let ads overpower your content.
  • Utilize mobile-compatible ads to keep them responsive.

2. Sell a product

Selling your own product can be the best of all other ways of making money with your blog. Because you have deep knowledge of your topic that is why you are starting a blog, right? Then why not launch your own product and sell it to your audience.

You must be wondering why it is not an easy task. Well, I’ll say that it’s not a tough task even. And, when I say that you can launch your own product, it doesn’t need to be another world-changing miraculous product. It can be a physical or digital product and as far as it solves a specific problem and creates some value, people will buy it.

Almost all of the bloggers are already doing it and people are buying these products. If somebody else can do it then why not you. And for starting out you can create digital products like eBooks and Online Courses or maybe workshops. Moreover, I believe that creating a digital product will be an easier option for beginners. You can create a digital product yourself as it only needs your time and research.

It is a fact that if you have a substantial amount of traffic, then some of your visitors will buy your product as well. They are loyal to you because they love what you are doing for them and if you have premium content then most of them will buy it.

Tips to make money by selling a product:

  1. Understand your audience.
  2. Know your strengths and weaknesses.
  3. Research Thoroughly.
  4. Study why you want to do this.
  5. Be Passionate.
  6. Sell your own products.
  7. Regularly update your product/service.
  8. Don’t ever try to sell in every blog post.

3. Affiliate marketing

When it comes to affiliate marketing, it is one of the highest-paying ways of making money from a blog. Almost all of the bloggers are using it to generate money from their blogs. But before knowing, how to make money with affiliate marketing, it is important to know what it means.

In digital marketing Affiliate marketing is the process of marketing someone else’s product. When a person buys that product by using your referral link, you earn a commission.

To understand it better, let’s take an example. Suppose you want to purchase a smartphone, but you are confused due to the availability of several smartphones offering the same features. As a result, you will end up researching online which one is better. Eventually, you will either reach a blog or maybe a youtube video where someone is reviewing different smartphones. Now the person, who is reviewing that product will leave links to the websites where you can buy one of these products. Now, if you purchase a smartphone using one of those links, that person will earn a specific amount.

At present, every small or big product company has some kind of affiliate program. You can sign up for several affiliate programs in your niche and promote their products in return for a commission.

If you are a tech blogger, sign up for tech affiliate programs, and if you review electronics products, sign for similar affiliate programs.

Tips to make money through affiliate marketing:

  1. Know your audience.
  2. Create trustworthy content.
  3. Always be helpful to your audience.
  4. Keep your affiliate relations transparent to the audience.
  5. Choose relevant affiliate products.
  6. Adapt to the content first principle.
  7. Try not to overdo it.

4. Freelance Services

One of the trending topics of all time is freelancing. To support this if you do a simple keyword search in Semrush, it shows a Total Volume of over 5K with over 700 keyword variations and 600+ questions. And if we talk about the related keywords, it has 400+ keywords and Total Volume over 100K.

Keyword Research

In case you want to earn some additional money, offering freelance services can be a great method of earning money. Furthermore, your visitors will become your potential clients. Isn’t that great?

By reading your blog posts, people already know, that you are an expert in your field. And if you start offering freelance services, some of them may even buy your services. While several freelance platforms are readily available, the competition is very high on these portals. And you have to pay a commission also.

But if you are offering your services on your website, you are eliminating the need for these platforms. Everything will be on your own and your client’s terms. Another benefit of doing this is that you will be building a long-term strategy for promoting your business with the help of content marketing. As a result, you will also build some extra skills.

If we know someone or have seen some aspects of his work, we trust him to do our job better than someone on a freelancing platform.

You started your blog, because of your passion. So, combining your blog and freelancing can become a great source of income.

Tips to make money through freelancing:

  1. Build your online and social presence.
  2. Treat your blog like a client.
  3. Pitch through your blog.
  4. Set goals and stay focused.
  5. Create persuasive work with me page.
  6. Publish high-quality content.

5. Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts are the larger form of Direct Advertisements. In Direct Advertisements, you just rent out some space for placing ads for an advertiser. However, in the case of a sponsored post, you create a full article about the product of an advertiser.

Advertorial is another term for a sponsored post. It has been present in modern and traditional media for a long time. For instance, you must have seen a product review in a magazine as well as on a website. That is a type of sponsored content.

No, I am not saying that all such articles are sponsored posts. But some of them are. Surprisingly, you can’t tell the difference between a sponsored or regular article, until it is supported by a disclaimer.

For getting a post sponsored by someone, you have to follow the same process as Direct Advertisement. Either you will have to find the advertiser or the advertiser will directly contact you. But again the website traffic matters.

If you are not getting a good amount of traffic within a specific time, it will be nearly impossible for getting an advertiser to sponsor your post. No one would want to pay you if you are not able to generate leads for them. And leads can only be generated if people our there to read that post.

Sponsored posts can be created in two ways. The first way is that the advertiser tells you about his/her product, shares some details about it, create the post, and publish it on your website. Another way is that the advertiser creates the post and you just rent out space on your website to publish it.


  1. Place a sponsor page on your website with your contact details, Social stats, Traffic insights, and your offer.
  2. Create quality content on your website, which will help you build a loyal audience.
  3. Search for the brands (potential advertisers) in your niche and pitch your ideas.
  4. Take ideas from competitor research.
  5. Try pitching to the advertisers you see in the ad networks.
  6. Maintain long-term relationships with your existing sponsors.

6. Sell Memberships

Membership programs are a great source of recurring income. I am saying it again if you are already creating great content, then your audience trusts you. And if you offer a premium membership for some exclusive content, they are going to love it.

Recurring subscriptions can help you scale your earnings exponentially. A blog is a great tool for content marketing. Therefore, it will allow you to turn your active audience into paying customers. If not all, then most of them would be happy to subscribe.

To convert your blog into a membership website, you can offer content and services in exchange for monthly or annual payments. You may offer, writing exclusive content, checklists, eBooks, videos, images, web applications, tools, and podcasts. Or maybe some physical products or merchandise.

Just imagine that you are a web developer. You have been writing tutorials on your blogs that are loved by people and most of your visitors are loyal to you. And this loyal audience is requesting you to create some full-fledged courses. While you can create great posts for smaller basic tutorials, it is not that easy to create full courses in writing.

You create a full video course on React and publish it on YouTube. Unfortunately, you hardly earn enough with AdSense. As a result, you will soon start realizing that you made all your efforts in vain.

But if you publish the same course on your website under a membership program for a small fee, you will be able to build a vast paying audience. Therefore, most of the instructors are opting for membership platforms because they can get real value for their time.


  1. Choose the right tools.
  2. Create compelling membership plans.
  3. Optimize your website for search engines.
  4. Keep your courses updated.
  5. Avoid overpricing.
  6. Send newsletters regularly.
  7. Engage with your subscribers.
  8. Publish unique content.
  9. Stay active on social media.
  10. Always reply to your audience in comments or emails.
  11. Offer freebies.

Final Thoughts on How to make money blogging?

Which way you choose to make money with your blog is entirely up to you. I have just listed the ways which are most widely used at present. However, you may explore other options as well. While several ways can lead to an incredibly good passive income with your blog, you will have to work a lot to get to that level.

Creating top-quality content is especially important for these methods to bring success. If your content is not loved by your audience, then there is no point in using any method of making it online.

In the blogging industry, there is a saying “Content is the king of digital marketing”. If the base of the building is not strong, it won’t survive for long. Similarly, if your content is not up to the level your audience is expecting, then there is no chance that your blog is going to survive.

Do experiments but don’t overdo them. Try to find what works best for you. Collaborating with other people can also expose you to bigger opportunities.

I have created this article with one goal only which is guiding you to choose the ways of making money with your blog. While you may explore other options as well, I honestly believe that this article gives you ways to start earning with your blog.

Do let me know in the comment box, how are you planning to make money blogging in 2020?

In case, if you are stuck somewhere or need help with how to make money blogging, feel free to contact me. I would love to help you.

Happy blogging!

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